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Learn from 180 years of craftsmanship

’s Werelds oudste en betrouwbaarste diamantslijperij heeft een rijke en opwindende geschiedenis. Royal Coster Diamonds gaat al lange tijd mee. In ieder geval al vanaf 1840. Gedurende de 180 jaar van onze vakmanschap lag er een prioriteit op het onderwijzen van onze klanten over diamanten. Leer meer over de diamant in onze Diamond Academy.

Brief History of Diamonds

In the hectic days of constant rushing around, the little sparkle of a diamond helps you pause for a second and forget about the worries of the wor...
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Amsterdam City of Diamonds

For more than 400 years, Amsterdam is the City of Diamonds. The story of how Amsterdam became the diamond capital of the world, actually started ov...
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The 1st C: The Carat

For many people, buying a diamond is not an everyday business. It seems quite difficult already. But if you dive deeper in the world of diamonds, i...
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The 2nd C: The Color

The color of a diamond –or rather the lack of it – tells us something about the value and quality of the diamond. A diamond that consists of carbon...
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The 3rd C: Diamond Clarity

The 3rd of the four c’s we discuss in this series is the clarity of a diamond. A natural diamond is rarely without imperfections. It is a hallmark ...
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The 4th C: Diamond Cut

The second one of the four C’s in this sequence is the Cut, or shape of a diamond. The shape is important to determine the quality of the polished ...
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Why Buy a Diamond?

Have you ever heard of the saying ‘Diamonds are a girls’ best friend’? Do you think it is true? Nowadays, we have the option to choose from a verit...
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What is a Diamond Certificate?

Stress, sweating, nervousness… these are all common aspects of future fiancées-to-be when planning to buy the perfect diamond ring. “What if my par...
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What are Synthetic or Lab Grown Diamonds?

Artificial or synthetic diamonds are (almost) impossible to distinguish from natural diamonds. They are just as beautiful, hard and brilliant as na...
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